Work With Me

My wish for you... that this experience can expand your awareness of your body. That you can clear the debris and sludge that has built up in your body. That you transform your communication with your body and unearth the healthy and vibrant you that has been buried beneath your suffering. That you feel supported and held, you feel like you can lean in and lean on.

Is that you feel at home in your body.

My belief

My moral compass operates on love. I have deep love and respect for all human beings and our differences.

My values play a big role on how I interact with you. Curiosity, exploration, acceptance, respect, independence, trust, honesty are some of my top values. I meet you where you're at, at any given day. I believe that we come equipped the tools that are right for us and our bodies have all the knowledge to heal it/you. I am here to be your guiding flashlight and to encourage you to find your True essence. I believe that we need to learn to move in a pain free zone with our physical body and as for our emotions and mind we need to eliminate the self-inflicted suffering.

I would like to offer you a new perspective in which you can lead your life from in case your life purpose gets foggy, always remember that you are here to heal yourself, when you take on this task you not only heal you, but your heal your DNA you genes, your body for your roots, your children, your grandchildren in the generations ahead as well as healing your past roots.

My offering

Helenahh: Helena... means light. I am your guiding light, your flashlight to find your way home, to find your own bright shining light.

Ahh... means breath. I would like to offer you the opportunity to breathe in life, to boundlessly take in and see what it has to offer you. We forget that the breath is the elixir of our immortality and it needs to move through the body to keep you aware.

I offer you an energetic space where you feel safe, supported, accepted and listened to. My training in coaching as a Co-active Coach and Yoga Teacher has solidified my intuitive listening. As we work together unearth and explore your essence to bring you to alignment, I hear and see what is not said and I also see and hear your yellow flags, red flags and yourself-preservation cues.